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Welcome to SSEG

Membership of SSEG is FREE. We invite individuals or NGOs who can professionally manage Social or Market Survey in their district. Presntly we are working on Bank Survey and Ekyc Projects having spread across the country. Enterprising youth having Android Phone (OTG Supported) who can purchase or arrange MSO 1300 E2 Finger Print Scanner and willing to earn by doing survey in their own district should submit registration form h... Read More

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SSEG Network


Beneficiaries of SSEG Education
1. Facilitators.
2. Students
3. Parents
4. Teachers
5. Schools
6. Coaching/Tuition Centres
7. Cyber Café

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Beneficiaries of SSEG Research
1. Facilitator
2. Field Investigators
3. Field Supervisors
4. Research Professionals
5. Research Institutions
6. Companies /Clients
7. NGOs

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Beneficiaries of SSEG BIZ Directory
1. Facilitator
2. Business Establishments
3. Field Investigators
4. Supervisors
5. Public at large

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Beneficiaries of SSEG Placement
1. Facilitator
2. Job Seekers
3. Employers
4. Local Placement Agency

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Beneficiaries of SSEG Tourism
1. Facilitator
2. School
3. Public at large
4. Tourist Guide
6. Students

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  SSEG Verification

Beneficiaries of SSEG Verification
1. Facilitator
2. Verification
3. Clients

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