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SSEG Network

Benefits to Clients and Institutions

Role of RPs under SSEG

Scope of RPs under SSEG

About SSEG Research

Eligibility for Registration

Core Sectors and Specialisation

Benefits to Research Professionals

Core Sectors and Specialisation

As per database of Research Professionals and the Institutions, SSEG possess expertise in following fields:


Research Professionals

Action Research and Training

Action Research

Advocacy & Networking

Agri-Based livelihoods

Agriculture and Horticulture based Rural Development

Agribusiness and Rural Development

Agriculture and Rural Development

Agricultural Economics

Agriculture Development 

Agronomy and Social Development

Agriculture Technology Extension & Rural Industries

Analysis of Data

Application of RS & GIS for NRM

Baseline Data Collection

Art, craft and Culture

Baseline Survey - Community or Household

Artisans Community Development 

Behavioral Sciences

Awareness about Law, Welfare and Legal Help


Behavior Change Communication



Business Plan Development

Business Counseling

Capital Market

Business Incubator for Food Processing

Child & Human Rights

Capacity Building and Education Awareness

Child Development

Career Counseling

Child Education

Child and Old Age Person

Child Labour Elimination

Child Labour Rehabilitation

Children and Youth

Child Protection & Education

Children's Empowerment in Education

Child Rights

Community and Health

Child Sponsor

Community Development

Children and Environment

Community Mobilising

Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for the Person with Disabilities

Community Research

Community Development

Conceptualization of Sustainable Development

Community Eye Health

Consumer Protection and Human Rights

Community Health

Data Analysis and Report Writing

Computer Training

Data Collection

Consumer Rights 


Co-operative Milk Dairies



Derivative Market


Designing Research Studies

Disaster Management

Development Policies and Conflict

Dissemination of Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences

Disaster Management

Economy and Social Development



Drafting and Project Reporting

Education and Health Awareness

Drug Research

Education for Poor and Dropout Children


Elimination of Poverty and Unemployment

Education and Environment

Empowerment of Tribal Communities

Education and Health

Empowerment of Women

Entrepreneurship Development


Environment and Development

Entrepreneurship Development

Environmental Sciences

Environment and Nature Protection

Exploration & Mine Environment

Environment Conservation

Family and Child Welfare

Environmental Conservation

Farm and Rural Environment

Environmental Planning & Management

Financial Management

Evening Tuition Centre for the Poor Children

Financial Planning-Investment Planning

Family Life Sciences

Fishermen livelihood

Farmer Workshop

Food Security


Gender Studies

Fresh Water for All