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Benefits to Clients and Institutions

Clients always look out for quality data. SSEG Research intends to meet their expectations. It would be beneficial to them in the following manner:

1. Financial Benefits: Cost involved in carrying out any survey is major concern of the client. SSEG with its Team of Facilitators and locally available Research Professionals reduces 'cost of survey' to a 'great extent'. It therefore saves time and money on account of TA/DA, if Research Team is sent from place of work. 

2Technical Support: SSEG Research is an 'IT enabled platform' to benefit all stakeholders. Short surveys can be organised online through specific questionnaire developed as per requirement of the client and canvassed locally by the RPs in their respective area. Field data can be fed into online questionnaire. Thus, data entry time can be saved and quick processing can be done. 

3Quality Control: Since SSEG has been designed mainly to utilise locally available human resource potential, they will not be in hurry to finsh the job quickly and return back quickly by compromising on quality of data. This is how SSEG provides a system of maintaining quality of research for the clients.