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SSEG Network

Benefits to Clients and Institutions

Role of RPs under SSEG

Scope of RPs under SSEG

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Benefits to Research Professionals

Benefits to Research Professionals

Under SSEG, RPs will have following specific benefits:

1. Junior or Middle Research Professionals having experience in social or market research, good communication skill and like concept selling will find themsleves most suitable to work as Facilitator and earn good amount of money. 

2.  RPs who have acquired expertise in some field of social or market research have to simply apprise about their specialized field. This database will be used to serve and facilitate many research organizations who would require their services on projects available with them. Those registered should simply keep on updating their contact details in their registration form. They will be contacted as and when required. It will give them an opportunity to add to their income as well as experience. 

3. Database of RPs by field of expertise will be of great help to the project as quality of data and research will improve, which will be of mutual interest of the client as well as RP. Field work can also be coordinated fast. Accuracy and reliability of data will improve significantly. Therefore, in the interest of quality research, there is need for competent and genuine RPs to come forward.

4. If competent RPs wish to take up nation-wide projects it can be easily managed with the help of large pool of RPs associated with SSEG.

5.  The problems encountered in field can be resolved easily in coordination with team of Facilitators.