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1.   It is not possible for any school to have the kind of SSTs empanelled under SSEG Education for all subjects / fields due to financial constraints. SSEG Education intends to help both SSTs as well as the schools by channelizing skills of SST at affordable fee.

2.   It may not be possible for schools to have extra teachers to fill-up vacancies caused due to short / long-leave by a teacher. SSEG Education will help schools to avail services of its registered SSTs as and when required.

3.   SSEG would help schools in finding a competent teacher to fill up vacancies, as per their need.

4.   SSEG, would provide online assessment report of every registered student to their parents for every subject / chapter taught in the class. It will help schools in monitoring competency of teachers and to what extent they have helped students in clearing fundamental concepts and / or bringing about an improvement in them.

5. A special class can be arranged for weak students in a separate group. If needed, schools can invite specialized SSTs in helping students for improvement in that subject / chapter.

6.  School can encourage their students to participate in online competitive exams / quiz, organized by SSEG education from time to time.

7.   Schools may like to join SSEG Education, which will help them to receive special tips / useful information about SSEG Education.