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Benefits to SSTs

 1.      After registration SST’s contact details will be availle to students/parents so that they can search Specialist / Super-Specialist Teacher (SST).

2.  SSTs will have a voice to share in regular seminar / workshop at local / regional and national level and may be benefitted by proposed introduction of Group Insurance Scheme, Tutors Welfare Fund, etc.

3.   Each SST will be provided with an Identity Card issued under SSEG Scheme. The Identity Card will  be valid for one year, which will provide status in the Teaching Fraternity and could help SSTs in many other ways etc.

4.  SSEG Education intends to protect, strengthen and promote the concept of SST to provide Quality Teaching (QT) to a large number of students across the country. Therefore, competent SSTs will get a wide marketab oppertunity and increase their earnings under SSEG.

5.   SSEG Education provides an opportunity for SSTs to become a Royalty Teacher (RT) in preparing Subject-wise / Chapter-wise / Class-wise in their specialized subject. It hastremendous scope to channelize expertise and earn royalty in lakhs. Under the scheme RTs will gain 4% of the earnings made under SSEG Education in any ward. As per tentative estimate per ward earning will be 1,800. If 1000 FTs work sincerely in the country total earning for RT will be 18,00,000/- per year. 

6.   SSTs would be instrumental in strengthening SSEG Education by propagating it among large number of schools and students in their ward / area / block / district / state. 

7.   Once SSTs are registered, they will get ‘username’ and ‘password’ which will help them to execute and propagate SSEG concept conveniently and effectively.

8.   There is need for the teachers to give a serious thought to the scheme and visualise its scope for them in long run. It would require some time to spare, interact with Facilitator, if already selected, for the ward, otherwise, with SSEG Team online through mail at [email protected]