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1.        After registration, contact details of SSEG-TC will be displayed for search by parents / students at SSEG website.

2.        You will be required to display a board “SSEG EDUCATION CENTRE”- We Focus on Transforming Average Student Into Demanding GraduateIt will attract students to SSEG-TC where TC will offer facility to register and appear for Online Test on all chapters covered by TC.

3.      By joining SSEG, SSEG-TC will be able to seek services of SSTs.

4.    TC will be entitled to receive tips, valuable information for the benefits of students and teachers.

5.      Entitled to participate in seminar/workshop organized at local, regional or national level from time to time.

6.      To avail benefits of the scheme, SSEG-TC should have a running Tuition Centre.

7.       If Tuition Centre does not have computer but willing to join SSEG, it is advised to tie-up with nearest cyber café so that after classes are over students can go for online test in the cyber café.

8.      SSEG-TC must be willing to link up with IT enabled services and should have basic knowledge of computer to operate the system.

9.   After joining SSEG scheme, SSEG-TC will get an edge over other Tuition Centers because SSEG-TC would offer special IT enabled package to students that no other centers offers to their students.

10.  SSEG-TC can also impart special guidance to the students in group who are assessed weak in any particular chapter / topic.


11.   The TC can buy Online Test Coupons in bulk from Facilitator @Rs.25 per chapter /per student to enable all students to appear in online test.