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Royalty Teachers are most respectable member of the scheme, who not only play an important role in providing academic inputs to the students but have also played a key role in giving this scheme a meaningful service. However, to maintain any system everyone has to be governed by some rules and regulations. Therefore, following rules will be applicable to them in the interest of scheme.

        1.  Royalty Teachers (RTs) are directly responsible for the content and quality of questions submitted by them in the Question Bank (QB). If there is any mistake, they should remove it or point out immediately to the SSEG Team for rectification.

              2. In case, mistakes are pointed out by any student / teacher /parent (SPT) that a particular question is irrelevant / incorrect, the same will be reported to concerned RT. If concerned RT does not correct it, IRDA will remove that question from the QB.

       3.  IRDA may appoint Editorial Team for editing questions in different subjects /topics and based on their comments /suggestions, appropriate action may be taken on the QB. Some Royalty Teachers could also be a part of this Editorial Team.

            4.  Quality Teaching is the top most priority and concern for IRDA, therefore, all RTs are required to maintain quality and standards of the QB.

          5.  To facilitate students in clearing their doubts on any subject / chapter, a feature has been added under the SSEG Education that student can ask any question/ raise their doubts online. It has to be replied immediately. Therefore, all RTs should login to their account daily and check if there is any question pending for reply.

               6.  The same question may be answered by more than one teacher. The student will have option to choose the best answer and express which answer they liked most.

             7.  If RTs does not respond to pending questions and not even login to their account regularly, 50% of their royalty will be forfeited.

               9.  Each member of the scheme has to be positive-minded, honor and help each other in making SSEG successful.

          10.   Payment details, amount of honorarium etc. will be reflected in RT’s Admin. Panel. There is no manual system of calculating royalty. The software will do everything automatically. In case, due to any technical fault/bug, there is any problem in the beginning, it should be reported immediately.

           11.   RTs should be ready to bear any loss caused due to natural calamity, unforeseen event, theft, mischief done by any employee / system manager. IRDA will not be responsible for such losses. However, every care will be taken to ensure that such events do not take place that affect the system.

 12.   IRDA has right to alter/change/modify any terms and conditions depending upon experience gained in the course of implementation of the scheme.