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SST is one who offers tuition or wish to offer tuition in any subject / topic as per their expertise/ specialization. Senior students who offer tuitions to support their studies may also like to register themselves as SST, provided they really command a subject / topic. A Tutor who registers themselves with SSEG to offer tuitions to the students in their specialized subject shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:

1.    SST will provide complete information about their correspondence address as well as specialized skill possessed so that searching facility could be made easy for parents / students.

2.   SST will upload their passport size photograph along with their application for preparingIdentity Card so that when SST visits first time for home tuition student / parent can recognize SST. This is required keeping in view security, which is becoming a major issue of concern for all in India.

3.   SST will not hide any personal information, and keep on updating change in their qualification, address etc on the website through their Admin. Panel, which is provided to all registered SSTs.

4.  SST who do not have the facility of scanning/uploading their photograph may seek help of the Facilitator / Computer Professional.

5.    Each SST, after registration, will get Online Test Coupon, which will allow their students to appear in Online Test. As soon as these coupons are exhausted, SST can obtain more coupons from Facilitator (FT) by making payment @Rs.25 per OTC.

6.    All SSTs who offer tuitions to the students shall provide free coupon to their students for every chapter they cover. This is how SSTs will get recognition for offering special package to their students.

7.   SST may also sale coupons to the students who do not take tuitions from them but avail tuition from tuition centres / schools. By doing so they can market the concept / services among students and enable them to avail benefits of the scheme and participate in prize winning competition.

8.  To the extent possible SSTs should educate parents and students about utility and benefits of the scheme by organizing meeting / workshop. FT of ward/colony should also be involved in the process.

9.   All students may not have internet connected computer at their home, therefore, there is need to tie-up with locally available Cyber Café or any computer centre having internet connected computers to facilitate students to appear in online test. Therefore, SST should try to find a good cyber café in their area and apprise them about the scheme. If they realize its benefit and potential to increase their earnings, such cyber cafés may be advised to submit their application online for registration. After their registration, their contact details will be displayed on the website ( to facilitate students / parents who search for SSEG Examination Centre (named as SSEG-EC) near their house.

10.  To facilitate students in getting OTC easily, SST/FT may give Test Coupons to Cyber Cafes’ at the rate of Rs.25 per chapter.

11. SSTs should also help Facilitators in searching for SSTs on different subjects / topics so that a complete and comprehensive list of SSTs could be made available on the website to help parents in searching for such teachers.

12. This scheme has been designed for mutual benefits; therefore, all members have to understand their roles and responsibilities.

13.   The terms and conditions may change subject to experience gained in the course of implementation of the scheme.