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Benefits to Facilitators

A Facilitator (FT) is a friend, philosopher, guide and promoter of SSEG in his/her ward/colony. Specific benefits that may be availed by a Facilitator are as under:

1.  After registration, FT will receive username and password, which will enable him/her to access to the tools and software provided to operate the scheme in their respective area.

2.  Once selected, FT will have access to information about all members within their ward to follow up, monitor and coordinate the scheme efficiently i.e. automatically he will get wide network of SSEG members in his/her ward.

3. SSEG is a participatory scheme, therefore, FT will interact with large number of people, which will give him life-time satisfaction.

4.  Since SSEG has to serve national and international organizations, respective FT and their team will implement projects sponsored by the clients. Each project and activity will generate income, which will be shared proportionately among concerned members. The system will work out and credit amount automatically to the respective account of SSEG members as per percentage earmarked for each activity. Details will be explained during the training. As per estimate worked out for all activities, monthly income of a FT will be approximately Rs.30,000/- per month,  Therefore, annual income of a FT should be be Rs.3,60,000/-. Initially, it could be less but within a year it will grow fast. However, it will commensurate and depend upon his/her extent of involvement and dedication to the scheme.  

5. The activities mentioned on this website are illustrative. Over the years many more activities may be added. Therefore, from each activity there will be additional income.  

6.  Training required to be organized from time to time will enhance knowledge and capacity to work and earn more.

7.  All logistic support will be provided online.