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T&C Applicable to Facilitators

Following are the process to join and terms and conditions to be followed by Facilitator:

1. Submit online registration form.   

2. Application form will be processed and training will be organized for selected candidates at convenient places. Details of training venue and programme will be intimated individually through email/phone/SMS.

3. Initially, IRDA will allocate one ward/colony/area, however, depending upon circumstances and performance, more than one ward/colony may be allocated. IRDA reserves the right to appoint Facilitator for other wards at its own discretion and Facilitator will have no claim to retain additional ward, which might have been allocated earlier. A prior information, however, will be given in this regard.

4. Facilitator will maintain complete honesty in implementation of this scheme and provide only correct information to any client/beneficiary of the scheme.

5. Term of a Facilitator will be for one year, which may be renewed depending upon his/her performance.

6. A business kit will be provided during the training to acquaint Facilitator about features of the scheme andbecome eligible to guide other members/beneficiaries/client of the scheme.

7. A Facilitator should act as philosopher of the scheme so that he/she can efficiently play a key role in implementation of the scheme. In case of any doubt/problem, Facilitator should feel free to consult SSEG Team at district/state/national level for clarification.

8. Facilitator is supposed to follow each and every guidelines/instructions issued from time to time. IRDA has sole right to change any guidelines/instructions issued earlier in the matter.

9. IRDA reserves the right to replace any Facilitator if he/she does not respond properly and maintain business ethics. However, before initiating any action, online notice will be served and informed through SMS/phone/email but will continue so long performance is satisfactory and membership renewed in time.

10.IRDA has every right to change or alter the terms and conditions any time without explaining any reason for such change.

11.After completing all formalities, 'username' and 'password' will be issued to enable the Facilitator to access to the tools to empower the Facilitator to undertake the job of a Facilitator.

12.No member or Facilitator of the scheme would undertake any activity without prior consent of IRDA and shall not indulge himself/herself in any activity which may damage reputation of IRDA. If such activity is initiated by the Facilitator in spite of this instruction, the entire responsibility will of Facilitator and IRDA will not be responsible for those activities.