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Why Tuition Centre Should Join SSEG

SSEG Education aims at helping average students in turning them into demanding graduates in any field of their choice by improving their conceptual understanding right from very beginning (Class VI Std.). Tuitions Centres provide tuition to students on various subjects in groups. SSEG scheme will provide additional tool to tuition centres through which they can present themselves as distinguished tuition centre benefits of more than 34,000 questions answers will be provided to the students FREE.   

Teaching is an art and it is a fact that a teacher is not expert of all chapters of a particular subject. SSEG’s main focus is to clear concept /understanding on various aspects of the topic, therefore, a number of experts, teachers and students have been associated, and whose expertise can be availed by Tuition Centres.  

Specific benefits to Tuition Centres:

1. Generally, tuition centres are operated by teachers. After joining SSEG, you have to simply put a Sign Board at your centre displaying name  'SSEG Education Centre'. This implies that you are a part of national forum, which believes in providing Quality Teaching to the students right from class VI with an approach of clearing concept of various topics/subjects. 

2. Your centre will be recognized different in your area because you will be offering special feature to your students where they can come in batches for specific chapter and you charge fee only for that chapter. Services of  Super-Specialist Teachers (SSTs) registered with SSEG can be sought for specific chapters as per their specialization and system will support you to avail the facility.

3. You will have the option to start online examination centre i.e. you can set up computer in your centre to test and maintain  record of understanding level / improvement of all students on each chapter who are enrolled with your centre. It will help you as well as parents in monitoring improvement in each chapter.

4. You can disseminate the concept of Super-Specialist Teacher (SST) among competent teachers associated with your centre.

5. Programmes can be organized from time to time for personality development.  Services of specialised skill /personality will be made available to SSEG-TC on demand, which will become additional source of attraction for the students.

7. SSEG-TC will create an additional source of revenue without any investment and also provide unique tool / package to benefit students, parents and teachers (SPT) which will develop strong bondage for long-term benefit/relation.