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Concept of Royalty Teacher

Royalty Teachers are highly competent teachers who command some topics of their specialized subject and can prepare Question as per format/guidelines of SSEG Education.

  • SSEG offers an opportunity to such teachers to earn royalty by preparing objective type questions in their specialized chapters/subject for classes from VI to XII. Software will work out royalty based on use of their questions by students who appear for assessing understanding level in any chapter. It is just like royalty paid by publishers to the authors for writing books. Hundreds of teachers from across the country have contributed their questions to the Question Bank, which will be used by students. This QB has about 34,000 questions but there is still scope for preparing more questions under different subjects to enrich this QB.

  • Teachers interested in doing this job have to submit their application online for SST. Application will be activated by SSEG Team. With this activation, RT will receive username and password, which will allow RT to login and enter their admin. panel. In this panel RT will get many commanding tools to operate the scheme such as- change password, submit questions, edit questions, see staus of questions under different chapters etc.
  • Those who do not have internet connection at home, may seek support of computer operator for typing questions as per format in excel sheet and send it to SSEG Team at [email protected]. All questions received will be uploaded. It may be noted that if questions are not prepared as per format in excel sheet, SSEG Team will not upload it and return the same to RT at their email ID.
  • Royalty earned will be shown in their account and payment will be made accordingly in their Bank Account.

  • It is estimated that RT will gain about 1.00 lakh per chapter provided all questions of this chapter is prepared by only one RT and one lakh student, across the country use this chapter for assessing their understanding level.

  • In case there are more than one teacher contributing questions on the same chapter, system will work out payments in proportion to their contribution and random listing of question from the Question Bank.

  • There will be only one time payment for one chapter by a student @25 per chapter, which will be valid for one year or complete academic session which ever is less. Thus, students are allowed to use it as many times as they want and therefore no revenue will be generated for subsequent tests.     

  • Hindi and Sanskrit is not included in the test because SSEG could not get competent teachers to prepare questions and answers in the language acceptable to software. However, SSEG provides operating tools to the teachers of these subjects to prepare questions on these subjects. Students who wish to use this system are advised to approach such teachers who want to avail benefits of the system.

  • SSEG Team will entertain any question/query at [email protected] to support RTs in preparing their questions.