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Why Should a Teacher Join SSEG

Subject Specialist Teacher/Tutor (SST) is one of the most important beneficiary of SSEG. Under the scheme, SST is defined as 'teacher / tutor who commands / super-specializes some portion/topics of their specialized subject and posses unique art of clearing concept on the topic even of a  student who is weak on such topics/chapters'. Thus, SSEG is offering an opportunity to the teachers to get recognised as SST.

The purpose of identifying SST is to brand them as Quality Teachers in India. Database created for such teachers will be used to market their expertise widely among students and parents in thier town/area. It will help parents who search for highly competent teachers who could provide Quality Teaching and bring about change in the understanding level of their ward.  

If services of SSEG teachers are availed, student's understanding will be clear in all chapters from very beginning. By the time SSEG students pass out XIIth standard and appear for any competitive exam, it will be easy for them to qualify any competitive exam with good rank. Thus, objective of SSEG Education is to provide a system to the Students, Parents and Teachers (SPT) which could empower them for admission in good college/institution for pursuing graduation level studies. If they pass out from premier institutions, they will be in great demand in employment market. Employers will prefer such graduates. This is how SSEG Education claims that an average student can be converted into a demanding graduate after joining SSEG Education. 

It is in this context that SSEG Education is trying to search for highly competent SSTs and develop a bondage with  those students who are weak in any chapter/subject. To assess the understanding level of a student in any chapter, SSEG porvides a tool to the students.

Thus, SSEG Education is bringing all the three beneficiaries (SPT) at one platform where all will be benefitted mutually.

Benefits to Teachers/Tutors who join SSEG:

 ü    SSTs who join SSEG are empowered with unique tool to help them assess and maintain understanding level of their students in each chapter. This tool will help SPT in monitoring, evaluation and improvement.   

ü    After registration, contact details of SST will be displayed on SSEG website, which will help parents to avail services of SST. Thus, SSEG will make it easy for them to market their skill online as well as though Facilitators. 

ü        SST will feel proud of converting an average student into a demanding graduate.

ü   Parents will beable to see complete record of improvement in the understanding level of their ward because tools/software provided to students are user-friendly.

ü    Students who join SSEG Education will be eligible to win prizes. The best student who shows maximum improvement in their understanding level during the academic session from each colony/class will be selected for distribution of prizes. 


v    Once registered with SSEG, SST should respond quickly to any query received from parents/students.

v  SSTs should realise that parents spend money on their ward for improvement/quality teaching. Therefore, parents/students have been empowered with tools to give their remarks /feedback about the SST. The software will correlate SST's competency with the improvement brought in student's understanding.

v        SSTs should also have genuine urge to bring about improvement in the understanding level of their students. 

Process of Registration:

Ø        Submit your application online for Tutor. Registration is Free. 

Ø     Attach your photograph. This photograph will be used for issuing Identity Card. After registration, Sample Visiting Card will be provided to the SST. If format/design of the visiting card is changed, it will be treated violation of guidelines.

Ø       After registration, SST should purchase 10 Online Test Coupons (OTC) at a cost of Rs.250/- from the Facilitator. 

Ø       SSTs should provide one OTC free of cost to their student as soon as they finish one chapter to encourage students and assess their understanding level in the chapter taught by them.