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Training & Skill Development

After submission of online registration form, SSEG Team will call back for further information and assessment. After short listing and undergoing training, candidate's application will be activated and authorized to carry out his responsibilities.

A training of 2-5 days will be organized for the Facilitators at convenient place in order to make them aware about the types of activities and services to be offered under the scheme. 

During the training, they will be explained in detail about nature of services to be offered and corresponding income generating potential. This training, therefore, will help them visualize scope of the scheme in creating self-employment for them. There are many technical issues/tools relating to the scheme, which will be discussed during the training/workshop. It may be noted that this training will be paid and will be intimated after working out cost by the respective state representatives in consultation with the training centre identified for the purpose.

A Facilitator will be authorized to start work in their area only after attending this training.