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Eligibility for Facilitator

1. Must be minimum Graduate. 12th Pass having good communication skill and well versed to work on computer in word and excel may also be considered. All must be ready to take up household survey and collect business data of their colony.

2. MBA, BBA, MSW, BSW or other graduates having experience in the field of surveys, studies and research will be preferred. Such graduates may become District Level Coordinator (DLC) provided they show their leadership quality in guiding, training and acting as friend, philosopher and guide to other Facilitators of the district and help SSEG in expanding the scheme to all colonies of their district town.

3. All must have very good communication skill in local language as well as in English.

4. Must be willing to open formal office with basic infrastructures like table, chairs, telephone and internet connected computer to work efficiently and professionally with increase in their income. Persons having laptop and Android phone is essential to intitially work from home.

5. Must have helping attitude and be ready to work sincerely and honestly as a corporate professional for which training will be organised from time to time.

6. Must be ready to attend training organised from time to time either at district Headquarter or State/regional level.

7. In case of any doubt, must write to [email protected]

8. Most important to be noted is that it is open to all Facilitators of the district to become DLC by showing their performance. It can be done by taking initiative to inform suitable candidates from different colonies of the district town to join SSEG and guide them about its process, get in touch with SSEG Team at Delhi through email/phone/WhatsApp to understand long-term benefits and prospect of growth under the scheme.