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'Information is knowledge and knowledge is power, which helps one to earn name, fame and money'. 

That's the reason why SSEG is trying to make all enterprising graduates/post-graduates understand and evaluate their potential and come forward to take up services offered under the scheme in their colony/ward. The data supported knowledge on socio-economic aspects is an asset on the basis of which one can offer services at a price to individuals as well as organizations. Therefore, to offer services in the field of education, socio-economic/ market survey/ research, database development and management, verification services etc. one must have minimum perception level to understand the concept and be able to serve.

In view thereof minimum qualification for a person willing to join SSEG as its Facilitator is Graduation. Selected Facilitators of the scheme will be supported with technical knowledge and will be provided tools/software to work efficiently and earn money.

SSEG has been designed to provide long-term and sustainable self-employment to the graduates. This is a unique and most innovative scheme ever evolved for self-employment of graduates / post-graduates in the field of research & development, education, collection and dissemination of information etc.