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Scope of RPs under SSEG

It is not possible for any institution to employ highly qualified and competent Research Professionals in every field but sometimes they need and seek services temporarily for specific purpose/project, which are of temporary in nature. Database of Research Professionals, if created for different parts of the country by Specialisation/Suprspecilaisation will be of great value and use to a large number institutions. One can easily find them and seek their services/consultancy on the topic of their specialised field. It will be, therefore, in mutual interest of both- Research Professionals and the Institutions who need their services. SSEG Research will serve them both.

Apart, Facilitators self-employed under SSEG can't do their job perfectly in organising any survey in their area, if not fully equipped. They also need support from time to time. Facilitators may not be able to understand concepts and approaches involved under different subjects/topics of survey/study, to coordinate and monitor the project properly they would be trained by locally available Research Professionals. In addition to this there will be need for training, guidance and technical support on different issues to broaden their mind-set, upgrade their skill so as to enable them to visualize their potential. Thus, IRDA would seek services of Research Professionals in upgrading their skill to perform the job efficiently.

Further, if process of development has to be accelerated, there is need for periodic updation of data/information on all aspects. Active involvement of Research Professionals from local area, therefore, will be of great help to the government and other development agencies. Thus, scope of a Research Professional to contribute to SSEG and benefit from it is very vast.