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Benefits to Students and Parents

SSEG Education intends to benefit Students, Teachers and Parents (SPT) in a number of ways. Some of the important benefits to students and parents are given below:

Benefits to Students:
1. SSEG intends to clear concept on each chapter of the subject opted by a student.

2. It intends to develop competitive skill right from class VI so that student can easily qualify any competitive exam after successfully passing out class 12th.

3. Student  will get online tool FREE of cost to assess their understanding level in each chapter and improve it through play way method like KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI was a popular knowledge based play to win prizes.

4. Registration for students are absolutely FREE. 

5. Student will get option of seeking guidance of teacher on chapters where they are weak. It will save parent's money.

6. Student  can give their opinion about the teachers who guide them. It will be useful for other students/parents also in identifying who is the competent teacher on particular Subject. SSEG Education software also monitors performance of teachers based on improvement brought to students after availing his guidance. SSEG wants to ensure that teachers charging tuition fee should be useful and students get maximum satisfaction out of that.

7. There is no negative aspect of SSEG. However, any improvement can be made any time on suggestion of students, parents and Teachers. 

Benefits to Parents:
1. Parents will feel relaxed once their ward join SSEG Education, as its objective is to provide quality education, save money and encourage students to win prizes.

2. Parents do not want to avail services of SSEG Teacher but wish to use the tool to assess understanding of their child, they can obtain  
Online Test Coupons (OTC) from SSEG Teacher, Facilitator or SSEG Education Centre by making a payment of Rs.25/- per chapter.

3. By using this 
OTC student can appear any number of times in the test. There is no need to pay any more for the same chapter.

4. Parents have to simply ask their child which of the chapters have been completed in the school? If they have computer at home, they should ask their child to appear in test for that chapter. Parents can also see his result online by sitting in their office or at home in the evening. If parents are not satisfied with their performance, they should advise them to study the chapter properly and re-appear in the test till they score 100%. His goal should be to score maximum marks in each chapter. If this system is followed by parents/students and also seek guidance of SST we are quite confident that students/parents will notice significant improvement in their results.

5. The system is providing online tool to regularly monitor progress of their ward in each chapter/subject and if needed, corrective measures can be taken accordingly. 

6. This is a participatory programme designed to improve the understanding of students and ensure their competitiveness to compete in any exam, therefore, any suggestion either from parents, students or teachers are welcomed, which would be beneficial to students, parents and teachers. 

Help your ward in acquiring highest skill to prove them a challenging force not only in the country but in the global job market.