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Why should one enlist his Business under SSEG?

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Relating to Business Establishment (BE)

Q.1 Why should a Business Establishment join SSEG Business Directory?

Ans. SSEG is basically a scheme designed for creating gainful self-employment of graduates at ward level in every city/district of the country. Since no employment can be generated without activity and income, SSEG undertakes activities that could generate revenue for them by offering useful services. Though there are a number of Business Directories available on net, SSEG is creating a nation-wide authenticated and verified Directory through Facilitators who are member of the scheme. It will not be simply a Directory but will be beneficial to both customers as well as the BEs. Since a number of activities are linked with SSEG, BEs would get benefited in a number of ways- SSEG think thank will be working regularly on the data available and channelize it effectively.

Q.2 Is there any fee for registration / display of BE details at SSEG Business Directory?

Ans. A nominal annual fee of Rs.100 is to be paid for Silver Plan, Rs.500 for Gold Plan and Rs.1500 for Platinum.

Q.3 What are the specific benefits to BE under SSEG Business Directory?

Ans. There are three plans- Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Details about each plan are given on the website

Q.3 What is the mode of payment?

Ans. Payment may be made through cheque or cash to the Facilitator after receiving genuine receipt. Genuineness of Facilitator can be verified by entering ID number given on the receipt/visiting card at SSEG website If you have any specific query pl. write to [email protected]