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Growing unemployment among graduates / post-graduates is not only a matter of concern for the parents and the government but also for socially concerned organizations because formal employment market is not keeping pace with growing unemployment among them.

About two decades ago, India was a country of government jobs. In a LPG era (liberalization, privatization and globalization), we are in a world of competitiveness. The characteristic of job markets have undergone a sea-change. Life-time job opportunities (between 18-60 years of age) in the government as well as organized public and private sectors are not keeping pace with ever-increasing demand for employment. Due to emergence of growing demand for jobs in multifarious areas and disciplines, there is a prevalence of job opportunities in small service sector industry. 

Studies have also revealed that 95% people have entrepreneurial dreams, though for most their dream remains unfulfilled; probably because once they get into a job, those who lose sight of their goal or in the absence of information about growing self-employment opportunities in service sector, they continue to remain unemployed/underemployed.

Realizing aspirations of a large number of enterprising graduates / post graduates, IRDA felt that if eligible graduates are given a little bit of training and provided a platform to work, they can establish very well to earn name, fame and money. 

It may also be mentioned that graduates trained can’t work in isolation, therefore, only limited number of graduates will be associated with the scheme as its member and designated as Facilitators. Other professionals will also be associated as its member but work only in their respective field.