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Objectives of SSEG NGO

Benefits from SSEG NGO

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Benefits from SSEG NGO

SSEG NGO intends to facilitate clients/beneficiaries by offering quality service through its members. Therefore, each member who join SSEG Mission must realize importance of quality service and their genuine presence.

Following are the specific benefits but a lot more can be added with your committed association and contributions:

1. Lead a Project: Any member who specialise a field and in a position to take a lead as per eligibility of sponsoring agency may take a lead on the project. Others  who specialise same field may join the lead member in implementation of project.

2. Administrative Tool: Each registered member is provided administrative tool to update their specialization  submit their profile/documents online so that system can extract required information from database to support Lead Member.

3. Promotes Specialization:  Member gets a better chance of being sorted out from the database if specialised /core field are submitted properly with comma separated by each field and expertise mentioned are true.

4. Widens Scope: Any NGO member may apprise any client about SSEG, its nation wide presence and its system. It will be beneficial to all clients if they seek support and services of SSEG Members because their work can be done immediately in any part of the country at short notice with least cost. Such member who bring business to the scheme will be appropriately compensated and acknowledged.

5. Dissemination of Useful information:  Dissemination of useful information about its members to any client is easy. 

6. Nation-wise Support Facility: Presence of NGOs will make it to promote support service in any field that matches their objectives.

7. Facilitates in Conducting Online Survey:  SSEG Members can take up any issue for online survey to generate public opinion and prepare paper for presentation publication. To avail this service one should be ready to make payment. They will be guided about the process and facilitated by SSEG Team through mail at [email protected]
IRDA reserves the right to filter out inactive members/change their status based on their performance and review.